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August 10, 2017

Featured Articles
Picture This: How to Optimise Production Data to Drive Compelling Content
Smart content uses a combination of enterprise NoSQL and semantic technology to integrate data from all points in the media production workflow
Changing the Game: Will OTT Smash the Sports Content Arena?
Traditional broadcasters are challenged by upstart online platforms that are doing a better job serving connected consumers. The trick is to join with OTT, but do so in a way that enhances—not overwhelms—the experience.
360° Video Is No Gateway to VR, says BBC
BBC R&D is not convinced of the case for producing news in VR, and warns against the perils of relying too heavily on tech company sponsorship of branded 360° or VR news content
Featured News
Engagement Times Up 300% for Live Video, Even for Later Viewing
Turning the conventional wisdom on its head, TwentyThree finds live viewing popular even after the event is over, and longer videos more engaging than shorter videos.
Viewers Will Stream 47 Minutes of Video Per Day in 2017: Zenith
Streaming time will shoot up this year, and a dramatic increase in mobile viewing is the reason why. Viewing time for non-mobile devices is flat.
Industry News
SSIMWAVE’s perceptual video quality measure beats video delivery giant’s in-house lab for speed, accuracy and completeness.
Survey finds that 76% of pay-TV operators believe innovation is a top priority
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