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thePlatform's MPX system will manage online video publishing, rights management, and more for BT TV.
Global enterprises can save space by uploading one video file and streaming it in multiple languages, promises Alugha.
Bringing YouTube expertise to businesses, this division helps them create a strategy and optimize videos for YouTube.

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The Move to HD News Video Pushed BSkyB to IP Delivery Reporting live news video over fiber might seem more reliable, but IP delivery offers better cost, quality, and convenience. Wed, August 27, by Troy Dreier
Broadcasters Stretch to Offer Live Sport Streaming While live streaming of sporting events hasn't traditionally been a focus for broadcasters, that's changing -- and online audiences are growing. Tue, August 19, by Troy Dreier
Three Reasons Broadcasters Should Use Real-Time Clip Sharing Don't wait until a live event is over to share video clips online. Do it while the event is taking place to get the most benefit. Thu, August 14, by Troy Dreier
Unraveling HEVC Royalties: Big Payouts for Big Companies They royalty structure for H.264 is far different than that for HEVC/H.265. It's the Adobes of the world that need to pay the most attention. Wed, August 06, by Troy Dreier
The ABCs of Managing a Complex Multi-Platform VOD Workflow A publisher's goals are simple when streaming on-demand content to multiple devices, however complexities add up quickly as the audience grows. Thu, July 31, by Troy Dreier
OTT Can't Take a Backseat to Traditional Broadcast, Says Freeview For Freeview's OTT channels to be a success, Arqiva knows they need to demonstrate the same quality as broadcast channels. Thu, July 31, by Troy Dreier
Netflix's Gain Is Piracy's Loss in U.K. and Europe When viewers are given affordable access to premium content, rates of online video piracy go down notes a Futuresource analyst. Tue, July 29, by Troy Dreier
The Real World Cup Champion: Cellmux Technology Concerns about cellular and mobile backhaul in Brazil proved to be unfounded, and cellular multiplexer vendors AVIWEST, LiveU, and TVU reported widespread and successful deployment of the technology throughout the World Cup Mon, July 28, by Dom Robinson
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To respond to the needs of its enterprise and media customers, Deutsche Telekom looks far into the future.
With metadata, 4K, and a growing number of formats, video files are taking more room than ever. Coraid offers a solution that grows with a company's needs.
Offering a variety of streaming solutions for both inside and outside the firewall, Qbrick knows how to stream high-quality content to any location.

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