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August 20, 2013

Featured Articles
YuMe: Does Screen Size Matter in Online Video Advertising?
Should advertisers stream different ads to different devices, or does the viewer want the same experience from every screen?
For Education and Training Videos, an iPad Can Be an Essential
Discover the low-cost app that helps anyone create better videos. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with editing.
How to Choose a Cloud Video Encoder
There are multiple cloud encoding models, and the field isn't as simple as it first seems. Jan Ozer explains how to make the smartest choice.
Featured News
Nideo Launches as a YouTube for Businesses
Claiming that YouTube is an inappropriate environment for business videos, Nideo offers a clutter-free alternative.
Forbidden Technologies Raises £8.9M Through Sales of Shares
By reaching out to new and existing investors, Forbidden raises funds to expand marketing and reach for editing platform.
Vevo and Dailymotion Extend Agreement in Europe
Music-lovers in the U.K., France, Ireland, Italy, and Spain can now view their favorite singers and bands on Dailymotion.
Industry News
DIVArchive Integrates With 1+1 Media's Existing Systems and Eliminates Downtime
Integrated Video Transcoding, Packaging, Server, and Storage Solution From Harmonic Provides Totalmovie With a Flexible and Scalable Workflow
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