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January 17, 2013

Featured Articles
Microsoft Explains the Specifics of MPEG DASH Streaming
Confused over how the MPEG DASH adaptive streaming standard works? This session from Streaming Media Europe has the answers.
Comment: While AWS May Have Caused Netflix's Outages, They're Really Netflix's Fault
It's about time that companies with poorly engineered services stop blaming AWS for their own engineering incompetence.
Will the $200B Ad Market Move to Online Video?
Offering results from its research report, Videoplaza highlights the changes still to come for online video advertising.
Featured News
CES Report: Technicolor Bids to Unify the Connected Universe
New Qeo product offers a challenge to the DLNA approach to connecting everything from smartphones to smart fridges
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Australia’s Leading Telecommunications and Information Services Company Makes Finding BigPond Movies Fast and Easy with Kannuu Search
Advanced Features Allow Viewers to Customize Their Viewing Experience
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