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July 12, 2012

Featured Articles
WCIT-12: The End to the Internet as We Know It?
ACTA and SOPA may be dead, but proposed changes to the Internet Telecommunications Regulation pose an even bigger threat to a free and open internet
Google TV Preps for its European Debut
At long last, Sony will bring Google TV to Europe starting July 22. Hardware and interface improvements should help it find an audience.
YouView Is on the Starting Line; Has it Already Lost?
By missing the Olympic window for its broad consumer release, YouView is losing out on a marketing bonanza.
Featured News
Rightster Launches Rightster Studios to Finance Online Content
Rightster will remove the bottleneck in online video creation by offering financing and strategic services.
Popcornflix Releases iPhone and iPad Apps for U.K. and Ireland
Free, ad-supported movie service lets mobile viewers tap into its small library of titles.
Industry News
NBCUniversal Films Available for On-Demand Viewing on Youku Premium
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